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District 201N1, Australia

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Lion Yvie Kearnes                   2008-2010

Lion Stewart Payne                 2010-2011

Lion Gwyneth Payne               2011-2012

Lion Tony Peterson                  2012-2013

Lion Ron Baxter                      2013-2014

Lion Neil Bilney                      2014-2015

Lion Ted Pickwell                   2015-2016

Lion Bernie Donchi                 2016-2017

Lion Haxel Pickwell                2017



Policy and Procedures Manual

Policy and Procedure Manual
The Standard Form Lions Club Constitution and By Laws is used by Lions Club in the 201N1 District for those Lions Clubs that are Incorporated.
This is consistent with all other Lions Clubs in 201N1 who are Incorporated.
The Constitution and By Laws once given to the Department of Fair Trading cannot be amended without a lot of toing and froing with the Department of Fair Trading as it is a Legally Binding Document.
The Constitution and By Laws Chairman for 201N1 has advised that Policy Minutes can be used to put in place the unique nature of the operating policies without changing the Constitution.
1.1 Policy Minutes
1.1.1 Non-Fundraising Policy
Motion: Australian Lionsonoz is a Service Club not a Fundraising Club
Moved: Lion Gwyneth Payne
Seconded: Lion Stewart Payne
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: April 17, 2009
1.1.2 Incorporation of Australian Lionsonoz
Motion: The we (Australian Lionsonoz) apply for Incorporation.
Moved: Lion Gwyneth Payne
Seconded: Lion Beth Leech and Lion Arthur Leech
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: April 17th, 2009
1.1.3 Increase in Dues Australian Lionsonoz
Motion: That the fees to be increased to $130 per year for the 2009/2010 year.
Moved: Lion Gwyneth Payne
Seconded: Lion Arthur Leech
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: April 17th, 2009
1.1.4 Meeting Day and Time
Motion: That the meeting be held the third Monday of the month commencing at 6.30pm.
Moved: PDG Lion Warren White
Seconded: Lion Beth Leech
Against: Nil
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: October 16th, 2009
1.1.5 Urgent Business without Notice Procedure
Motion: That if matters of an urgent nature occur that they be dealt with in
general business at the current meeting and not be left in business without
notice until the next month.
Moved: Lion Warren White
Seconded: Lion Ron Baxter
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: January 21st, 2013
1.1.6 Family Membership and Dues
President Lion Tony Petersen noted that he thought the dues should remain as
structured, full amount per member.
Lion Peter Veryard noted the following
Perhaps I can comment, as the author; The family dues applies to additional
members of the same family and reduces dues by $12.90.per family This is quite a
saving for the club, then it is up to the club whether this is passed onto the approved
members. My view is that the club should get the benefit.
The meeting decided that the Club should receive the benefit of the family
dues, all the members present agreed.
Agreed Date: January 21st, 2013
1.1.7 Dinner Badges
Motion: That Australian Lionsonoz cover the initial cost for Dinner Badges for
Moved: Lion Gwyneth Payne
Seconded: Lion Yvie Kearns
Carried Yes
Carried Date: August 19th, 2013
1.1.8 Minutes of Australian Lionsonoz stay in the Bulletin.
Motion: That the Minutes stay in the Bulletin.
Moved: Lion Gwyneth Payne
Seconded: Lion Cheryl Buckley
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: October 21st, 2013
1.1.9 Grievance Procedure
Motion: That the grievance procedure be included in the Clubs Policy and
Moved: Lion Gwyneth Payne
Seconded: Lion Reg Langusch
Carried: Yes
Date Carried: June 16th, 2014
1.1.10 The Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz does not take new members
(partners of existing Lions are the exception as they are familiar with how
Lions Clubs operate)
Australian Lionsonoz has been under negative pressure to accept new Lions (not
existing Lions). Australian Lionsonoz was Chartered in March 2009 and since then
has tried to have new Lions join the Club we have had 19 new members inducted
who remained in the Club for a very short period of time because we cannot provide
them the support they need to continue to be Lions.
We have been very successful in introducing new members to the local Clubs, which
we should be doing.
We are very successful at retaining Lions, particularly Lions whose Lions Clubs have
Included in the Basis Operating Procedures June15th 2010
Policy Decision was made at the September 15th, 2014 Meeting
For a fuller explanation please see the Minutes of September 15th, 2104
1.2 Basic Operating Procedures
These Basic Operating Procedures were put in place June 15th2010
By virtue of its very nature The Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz has a unique
structure which inevitably leads to problems not faced by “normal clubs”.
In general, a Club will survive or not on the quality of its communication process. In
normal clubs most of this communication is carried out on a face-to-face basis with
ideas being communicated and problems solved on a personal basis.
The Australian Lionsonoz Club does not have this luxury. All our communication is
written, and it is not uncommon for some of our members not to have met all the
members of the Club. This is probably the rule rather than the exception.
Therefore, we need a set of protocols that will take into account the “virtual” nature of
the organisation so that communication and understanding can be quick, harmonious
and logical.
1. The Protocols:
1. All correspondence, incoming or outgoing, whether by email or by standard mail
must be routed through the Secretary.
2. Emails sent out to the entire membership should be routed through the
Secretary. (excepting the distribution of the Club Bulletin)
3. At his/her discretion the Club Secretary will forward copies of specific
correspondence to Lions whose responsibility lies in that area.
4. Where correspondence is received directly by a Lion from an external source,
the original document should be forwarded to the Secretary as soon as
possible. If it is seen to be urgent, the original may be scanned and an electronic
copy forwarded in addition to the submission of the original.
5. Individual Lions are not authorised to commit the Club to any action without
reference to a normal meeting. Urgent cases may be referred to the President.
At his/her discretion authority may be given or the matter may be referred to the
Club Executive. – (President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, 3rd VP, Secretary, Treasurer, and
Membership Chairman) – and then refer it on to the Club for approval, or simply
defer it until the next normal meeting.
6. Members are encouraged to communicate with each other as much as
possible. The principal means of communication are :
* The Club Bulletin
* Distributed minutes
* Monthly meeting agendas
* The use of the Secretary as a “Clearing House”
* Attendance at the monthly meetings.
* Casual Contact through Windows Messenger
7. Lions should refrain from “chatter” while formal reports are being given at
meetings. This speeds up the process and allows clear, definite information to be
conveyed to all members.
8. Club Property
Bannerettes exchanged for Australian Lionsonoz bannerettes remain the
property of Australian Lionsonoz and must be delivered to the Australian
Lionsonoz Lion Tamer as soon as practicable.
Publications and other material intended for the use of the Executive of
Australian Lionsonoz must not be retained but are to be delivered to the
relevant officers as soon as possible.
2 The following notes refer to the operation of Australian Lionsonoz
and should be read in conjunction with the above
1.The purposes of Australian Lionsonoz
The primary purpose of Australian Lionsonoz is to retain existing Lions, who wished
to travel. This has been broadened somewhat to include those Lions whose local
Lions club has folded or they are unable to attend the existing Lions Club in their
Australian Lionsonoz is generally not geared to support non Lions as new members
(A new member may be inducted but the sponsoring Lion may then move on to
another town or state and that essential contact is broken . We have experienced
this with a number of new members, who have not maintained contact with the Club
since the day that they were inducted.)
We should be concentrating on transferring Lions rather than trying to get new
members particularly if there is an existing Lions Club in the candidate’s community.
We should be referring interested persons to the local Lions Club, even taking them
to a meeting and introducing them to the members and letting that Club then follow
2.Australian Lionsonoz is a “service club” only.
Australian Lionsonoz is a Service Club only. We do our service work by assisting
other Lions Clubs and community organisations.
Why are we a “Service Club Only”?
If we were to fundraise we would need an authority to fundraise in all states and
territories. This would be an impossible task to administer. For example we would
need 6 Public Officers, 6 sets of returns to State authorities, and so on.
We are in a unique position where we can assist local Lions Clubs with a range of
community service activities - more than we would be able to do as a conventional
Lions Club. Members need to think about these opportunities that are available to
Australian Lionsonoz was formed so that Lions had more freedom to travel, meet
once a month and offer their services to the Communities they visit, while
maintaining the membership within the Lions organisation.
3.Prerequisites for membership with Australian Lionsonoz
In addition to the normal requirements of integrity and good standing in the
community, potential members must have a computer, have access to the internet,
be on Live Messenger and be willing to participate in the monthly meetings.
Sometimes participating in the monthly meeting may not be possible but involvement
can be achieved through commenting on the agenda to the Secretary prior to the
Having a computer, internet access and on live messenger ensures that the member
is able to participate in their own right and not have to rely on information being
passed on or by third and fourth parties.
This is how we conduct our meetings. This the way the club functions. If the potential
member is not willing to meet these requirements then membership of our club is not
4. Nominations Committee:
Article IX Section B of the Standard Form Club Constitution requires the Club
President to appoint a Nominations Committee.
The Club President is responsible for the appointment of a Nominations Committee
during December/January of each year. This committee should comprise a small
number of experienced Lions, preferably under the chairmanship of a past President.
The task of the committee is to select at least one member of the Club to stand for
each of the vacant positions for the forthcoming year and to ensure they are willing
and able to take on the position for which they are to be nominated.
If necessary, the committee must encourage newer members to stand for office. At
the time of appointment of the committee it may be found to be helpful to circulate
each member of the Club requesting their preferences for Club Office during the
forthcoming year, and have members return those preferences to the Chairman of
the Nomination committee.
A clear distinction should be made between “Club Office” as defined by the Club
Constitution and appointments that are the prerogative of the Club President.
following his/her formal election-the nominations committee should only deal with
elected positions.
The committee must ensure that newer members receive adequate consideration
and resist the temptation to renominate existing officers because “they know the job”.
At the same time, the committee having regard to all the circumstances, should
select the best member available for each position, remembering that there are
excellent facilities for training in the majority of districts together with information
support by way of manuals etc for President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Nominations Committee Report
The Committee should report to the President prior to the date of the Nominations
meeting which should be held during February, submitting at least one name for
each position.
A commonly held misconception is that the committee may submit only one name for
each position - this is not the case. Any number of suitable nominations may be
submitted for each position by the committee if the Club so prefers.
Alternatively, the Club may prefer that only a complete board selection is offered by
the committee.
Election Procedure –
Nominations Meeting
The Club Secretary must give 10 days’ formal written notice of the venue, date and
time of the nominations Meeting to each pre paid-up member. It is strongly
recommended that such notice should include a reminder that any paid up member
is entitled to submit further nominations for any or all elected positions subject only to
those nominated agreeing to serve; together with a list of those members nominated
by the committee.
The Nominations committee should not be seen as controlling the appointment of the
officer bearers for the coming year and at all stages it should be clear to Club
Members that alternative nominations are welcomed at the Nominations meeting.
The task of the committee is solely to ensure that a full list of suitable nominations for
all elected positions is available at the nominations meeting.
Election Meeting
Following the nominations meeting, an election meeting must be held during March,
to comply with the MD201 reporting requirements and in accordance with Article X
Section D of the Club Standard Form Constitution. The Secretary must give a
minimum of two weeks prior written notice of the meeting, which must include the
date, time, and venue of the meeting together with the names of all those nominated
for each position. Further nominations CANNOT be accepted at the Election
Meeting, other than in the circumstances outlined in Article X Section C of the Club
Standard Form Constitution.
Notification of Elected Officers
Following the election meeting, the Club Secretary must immediately, and in any
case no later than 31st March notify the elected officers for the ensuring Lions year
commencing upon 1st July to the Cabinet Secretary.