Australian LIONSONOZ Lions Club

District 201N1, Australia

Lionsonoz members are encouraged to visit and assist local Lions Clubs. They are encouraged to submit photos of these visits and projects and to scan and submit copies of Lions clubs Bannaretts exchanged. We all want to see photos of the fish they were able to catch.

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Photos and Activities

Bannerette Wall

Wooli Centenary Celebrations

Video of Lionsonoz at Wooli


Lion John Matheson Spectacle collections

Lions Yvie and Kel MJF

Eye Glasses for Malaysia

Charter in Melbourne Slideshow

Mildura Convention Click on slideshow.(Click esc to return)

Where are our members

Geocaching and Warren

Lion Trish at Charter Lions Club

Lion John Matheson's project

John Materson cakes of 2017

Inverell Convention 2017