Australian LIONSONOZ Lions Club

District 201N1, Australia

Eye Glasses for Malaysia

Report on sight project by Lion Barry Gazzard and Ling Gazzard from Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz, in Malaysia July 2012 History.

Our project began in November 2011, when Ling advised me of the need of some Malaysian Natives, (Orang Asli) living in the north of Malaysia near Kampar and young and old people living in homes and shelters in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.

 She told me that as these people were very poor and received little Government assistance, she was aware that many needed spectacles.

After contacting Dulek Jali and Reverend Joseph Tang, it was determined that there may be at least 100 people who could benefit by the use of glasses, so I contacted PDG Kenneth Leonard, Chairman for recycled glasses, and put my proposal.

 He was forthcoming with 250 pairs of glasses of various magnifications, and duly despatched them to me prior to my departure for Malaysia June 25 2012.

Meanwhile, I was having dialogue with a Lions Club in Kuala Lumpur to assist us with the project, however that did not result in any assistance being given. With the aid of Reverend Joseph Tang I was able to enlist the help of Darren Lau , an optometrist from Kuala Lumpur to give his time to travel the 170klm north to Kampar to test the villiagers there.

At about the same time, I made contact with the Lions Club of Kampar, President Lion Chan Oi Fun about the project, and they in turn arranged another optometrist , Ashley Chan from Lions Club of Ipoh Evergreen to attend. The Execution.

On Monday 16th July, 10 Lions met at Kampar, and proceeded to the villiage, 45 mins. away and started testing with the specialist equipment which had been brought along by the optometrists. It was over 30 degrees in the shade of a marquee specially erected for the purpose, but slowly the people were assessed for glasses and dispensed suitable eyeware. It was remarkable to see the happiness in the eyes of the recipients and the Lions present received many hugs and handshakes by the end of the day.

55 people received glasses and 2 children were assessed as shortsighted and required to have glasses made specially, in due course. As a result of the testing a person was found to have an eye problem due to diabetes , and two others had cataracts.

We completed the day about 3.30pm pleased with the result. Thanks to the members of Lions Club of Kampar, Lions Club of Ipoh Evergreen, and Lions Club of Perak Silver State for their valued participation.

 The remainder of the glasses are to be distributed to the Aged Home in Kuala Lumpur, as soon as testing has been concluded by the Optometrist Darren Lau, in early August 2012. Ling and I had to fly back home to NSW on July 27th, well pleased at having made a difference.

 I presented Certificates of Appreciation to Ashley Chan, Darren Lau, the Lions Club of Kampar and the Lions Club of Perak Silver State from my club.

Lion Barry Gazzard, and Lions Lady Ling.