Australian LIONSONOZ Lions Club

District 201N1, Australia



Australian Lionsonoz was formed initially as a Branch Club of the Wooli Lions Club from an idea of Lions Kel and Yvie Kearns.

Lions Yvie and Kel wanted to travel but they did not want to lose contact with the Lions Family by going at large and from experience they had seen that often when a member went at large or for long periods of time (as they intended to do), they eventually just resign from Lions and or worse just disappear never to be heard from again.

The Branch Club gained in strength and gained members of like minded travelling experience Lions who had heard about the Branch Club and joined and I might say never looked back since.

The Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz Chartered 11th March 2009

If it was not for Australian Lionsonoz a lot of very good experienced Lions would have been lost to the Lions Family.


WHAT IS AUSTRALIAN LIONSONOZ? Australian Lionsonoz is the first internet based Lions Club (e-Club) that operates essentially through email and ZOOM

Is Australian Lionsonoz a real Service Club? Lionsonoz operates in exactly the same way as a normal Lions Club. We are responsible to Lions District 201N1, MD 201 and LCI. We conduct regular meetings which combine the functions of Dinner and Board Meetings. Some of our members are on the District Cabinet and we attend District, MD and International Conventions.

Who is it for? Lionsonoz was chartered to meet the needs of existing Lions who have adopted a travelling lifestyle and where membership of a normal Lions Club is not possible in the case of an all male Lions Club or the local Lions Club has folded for whatever reason.

Who can join? Lionsonoz prefers potential members to have had a Lions background. Most of our members have transferred from existing or non-existing Lions Clubs.

Are there joining requirements ?  Joining requirements as per Lions International plus a few extra skills to participate fully as a Australian Lionsonoz member.

These skills are:

i.              To be computer literate

ii.            To have an email address

iii.           Be comfortable with Zoom (or prepared to become so)

iv.           To accept Club rules and procedures

v.           To participate in regular monthly meetings

Does Lionsonoz raise funds ? We do not raise funds and do not have an activity account. Instead, members are encouraged to make contact with the Lions Clubs in the communities they pass through and assist with their service and fundraising activities. We do have a limited number of activities where we are able to assist others through service without raising funds.

Mainstream Lions Clubs are requested to forward details of projects that they will need help. As our members travel, we would need good lead time to be able to be in your area to assist. Please forward details to the Secretary. Eg: A number of our members will be helping Boggabri Lions Club with their Drover's Campfire again this year.

Does Lionsonoz charge fees? Lionsonoz as set down by Lions Clubs International. While this may be paid half yearly, an annual payment is preferred.

Are there other fees? Items for you to purchase are your Dinner Badge and a Club Tee-shirt. Contact the Secretary for details.