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Membership Chairman Australian Lionsonoz

Perhaps the most important item which cements our Lions Club is our Club Bulletin. This has been ably maintained by Lions Gwyneth and Stewart Payne and they have done a stirling job over the years. However things have to change and Lion Marge Ollis has graciously volunteered to take on this challenging but very interesting task. We thank Lions Gwyneth and Stewart for their efforts and wish Lion Marge every good wish with her new venture.


As many may not know what the purpose Australian Lionsonoz has in the wider scheme of Lions I will give a brief history of the formation of our Lions Club and how we function.


Australian Lionsonoz was formed initially as a Branch Club of the Wooli Lions Club from an idea of Lions Kel and Yvie Kearns.


 Lions Yvie and Kel wanted to travel but they did not want to lose contact with the Lions Family by going at large and from experience they had seen that often when a member went at large or for long periods of time (as they intended to do), they eventually just resign from Lions and or worse just disappear never to be heard from again.


The Branch Club gained in strength and gained members of like minded travelling experience Lions who had heard about the Branch Club and joined and I might say never looked back since.


The Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz Chartered in March 2009


The member numbers of Australian Lionsonoz will always fluctuate as the members when they finish their travelling will transfer back to the original Club or to a Lions Club in the place they have chosen to settle. This has happen numerous times!


If we have enquiries about joining Lions from people who are not Lions we recommend that the contact their Local Lions Club, we also offer to help them with this by assisting them to make contact and where possible (if we are in the area) take them to a meeting and introduce them.


 Recently one of our members introduced two new prospective members to Peel Valley  Lions Club, they are now members.


As you can see from the front page of the Bulletin we are more than happy to assist with the induction of new members into Clubs other than our own.


PDG Warren White from Australian Lionsonoz forwarded this story:

On Tuesday 19th February I had the pleasure of inducting two new members into the Kootingal & District Lions Club.

This brings their membership up to 22. New Lion Warren Barber is a sign writer and new Lion Troy Taggart is a concreter, both young men with their skills should be valuable additions to the Club.

An interesting feature of the Kootingal Lions Club is that the only retired member is the secretary, Lion Jill. The Club is full of young enthusiastic Lions which makes it a pleasure to visit.

We do not take existing Lions from their own Club.

Recently I was contacted by a Club that wanted to know what we do as they were looking for ways that they could change and make meeting attendance suit the need of their members while they pursue the Lions ideals of Family first, (and in some cases travel), job second and then Lions. I will (and our Lions Club will) have no problem in assisting this Club to maintain Lions and make their meetings and contact with members as enjoyable as it is in our Lions Club.


If it was not for Australian Lionsonoz a lot of very good experienced Lions would have been lost to the Lions Family.


What is Australian Lionsonoz?

Australian Lionsonoz is an internet based Lions Club that operates essentially through email and Skype

Is Australian Lionsonoz a real Service Club?

Lionsonoz operates in exactly the same way as a normal Lions Club. We are responsible to Lions District 201N1, MD 201 and LCI. We conduct regular meetings which combine the functions of Dinner and Board Meetings. Some of our members are on the District Cabinet and we attend District, MD and International Conventions.


Who is it for?

Lionsonoz was chartered to meet the needs of existing Lions who have adopted a travelling lifestyle and where membership of a normal Lions Club is not possible in the case of an all male Lions Club or the local Lions Club has folded for whatever reason.


Who can join?

Lionsonoz prefers potential members to have had a Lions background. Most of our members have transferred from existing Lions Clubs, and when their travelling days are completed, we encourage them to return to a Lions Club in their local area.

Are there joining requirements ?

Lionsonoz requires its members:

i.              To be computer literate

ii.            To have an email address

iii.           To be comfortable with Skype (or prepared to become so)

iv.           To be travelling or away from home for a significant part of each year

v.            To accept Club rules and procedures

vi.           To participate in regular monthly meetings


Does Lionsonoz raise funds ?

Lionsonoz is not a fundraising club. Instead, members are encouraged to make contact with the Lions Clubs in the communities they pass through and assist with their service and fundraising activities. We do have a limited number of activities where we are able to assist others through service without raising funds.


Does Lionsonoz charge fees?

Lionsonoz requires an annual fee that is currently $130.00. While this may be paid half yearly, an annual payment is preferred.


Are there other fees?

Lionsonoz does not charge a joining fee but you would be expected to pay for your dinner badge (approx $15.00) and any other club supplies you might want. Periodically an order is placed for club T shirts and these currently cost approx $32.00 (+ postage)


Lion Stewart Payne             Membership Chairman Australian Lionsonoz

Lions are in need of Used Postage Stamps
The letters that come into all of our households usually have a postage stamp attached. In so many cases these are just thrown away!
The members of Australian Lionsonoz Lions Club are appealing for members of the community to save these stamps. The stamps can be sold in bulk to dealers who distribute our stamps to collectors all over the world.
The Australian postage stamp is regarded as one of the best in the world and even though they are not worth very much individually, when they are sold in bulk the funds raised can be quite substantial.
The money raised by the sale of used postage stamps help to provide funds to assist the Lions Childrens Mobility Foundation, giving help and support to children with mobility difficulties. One of the main benefits is the provisions of Hart Walkers for children with Cerebral Palsy and similar problems.
The used stamp project has yielded over 3 tonnes of stamps since being established at the Lions International Convention in Brisbane in 1991.
Past District Governor, Lion Warren White said that the best way to save the stamps was to use an empty tissue box to store them and when full to contact him on or phone 02 67623801 and he will organize for them to be collected.
He went on to say that if it is possible, cut the excess paper away from the edge of the stamp to within 5mm. The stamps are sold by weight and the buyers bid higher per kilogram for trimmed stamps.   


Ring Pull Project  Members of Lionsonoz collect Ring Pulls, the tab off alluminium cans. These ring pulls are recycled and sold, the money raised is used to help fund the Lions Spinal Bifida project. More details can be obtained by contacting Lion Brenda Payne on 02 6722 1638. 

NEVAT is celebrating today!The Australian Lions Foundation (ALF) and the Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz had pleasure in handing over a $15000 Grant to The New England Volunteer Air Transport (NEVAT)
NEVAT is celebrating today after receiving a grant of $15,000 from the Australian Lions Foundation, organised by the Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz

The grant money will be used to help finance the installation of navigational aids/instruments in the Beechcraft aircraft, operated by New England Volunteer Air Transport (NEVAT).
The cheque was handed over at a special dinner hosted the President of The Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz Lion Yvie Kearns and members of Australian Lionsonoz at the Ashford Hotel on Wednesday 10th February 2010.

David Roach, the principal pilot and president of NEVAT, received the cheque and expressed his appreciation to The Australian Lions Foundation and The Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz.

David said that NEVAT was commenced in Ashford in March 2006 and services over 25,000 people living in the Ashford, Inverell, Texas, Warialda region and outlying areas to provide cheap and quick air transport to people who need non emergency medical treatment, tests and follow up medical procedures in major town and cities throughout Northern NSW.

The service is unique in Australia, he said and the nearest similar operation is Angel Flight. However he pointed out that the difference is that all the people involved with NEVAT are volunteers, which includes the 5 available pilots and all the ground and office staff. No one gets paid.

The aeroplane was obtained by donations made by local businessmen; the hanger at Ashford was also built by funds raised by businessmen in the area.

The Inverell Shire Council upgrade the Ashford airstrip and funds to keep the plane in the air is raised by regular fundraising efforts conducted by the NEVAT committee, such as fetes, raffles, sausage sizzles etc which are keenly supported by the citizens of the district. A membership fee of $75 per year will allow free transport to medical centres.
Many donations are made by individual citizens and business houses.
An example of this was when a couple of Ashford residents became aware the State Primary School at Currumbin on the Southern Queensland coast was upgrading their desks, chairs etc. They secured these items and at their own expense travelled a number of times to the school, transporting many trailer loads of this furniture back to Ashford, storing it in a garage, advertising the articles for sale, selling them and then presented NEVAT with a cheque of $300, with more to come.

David went on to say that NEVAT has made 175 flights and transported 207 people to doctors and hospitals in major towns and cities such as Tamworth, Glen Innes, Tenterfield and Brisbane. The journeys have been limited to hours the plane could travel in daylight.
With the new navigational aids/instruments installed, the plane will be capable of flying to a wider range of locations and the plane will be able to fly in almost all types of weather and also after dark. It will be a major factor in preventing stopovers and will allow patients to return to their homes even if unforeseen delays do occur during their appointments.
He said that it is not uncommon to make 3 or 4 trips each week and sadly, six out of seven of the patients conveyed are for treatments of cancer.

The presentation dinner was attended by members of Lionsonoz, Inverell McIntyre Lions Club President Duane O'Brien and Lion Graham Leech and Ashford Lions Club President Lion Robert White, Treasurer Paul O'Brien and Secretary Lion Paul Farrell, together with Mr & Mrs Mick Lewis of the Ashford School, members of NEVAT David Roach and Secretary/Treasurer Lee-anne Vickers and Wally Dedula , Ashford Fire Brigade representative Marge Vickery, and Police Services Sergeant Adam Corrigan and Mrs Corrigan, and Inverell Shire Councillor Kevin Kneipp as well as many friends and partners. A further $105.85 was also raised on the night to assist NEVAT.

Past District Governor Lion Warren White provided information about The Australian Lions Foundation (ALF) and the criteria that had to be met in order for the Lions Club of Australian Lionsonoz to be successful in receiving the grant. He said that the conditions for which the grant is sought, is that, it must be a community-based welfare project and that the ALF funding must be for specific items and not for general or central funds. The criteria for the project were met and funding for a very worthwhile and necessary community service received and that the trustees of The Australian Lions Foundation were proud and pleased to be able to provide the grant to install navigational aids/instruments for the plane.