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District 201N1, Australia



Stamps - Lions are in need of Used Postage Stamps

The letters that come into all of our households usually have a postage stamp attached. In so many cases these are just thrown away!
The Australian postage stamp is regarded as one of the best in the world and even though they are not worth very much individually, when they are sold in bulk the funds raised can be quite substantial.
The money raised by the sale of used postage stamps help to provide funds to assist the Lions Childrens Mobility Foundation, giving help and support to children with mobility difficulties. One of the main benefits is the provisions of Hart Walkers for children with Cerebral Palsy and similar problems.

Australian Lionsonoz members can get them to the Secretary when meeting at our face-to-face gatherings or at Conventions. Otherwise your local Lions Club will greatfuly accept them.


Club Charter 11th March 2009

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Wooli Celebrations - 100 years of Lions

 Wooli Centenary Celebrations

Photos and Activities

Bannerette Wall

John Matheson Cake Deliveries

Australian Lionsonoz Club member, Lion John Matheson sells Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings on behalf of the Lions Club of Ormeau Inc. Lion John’s “profit” is the hours he can claim, assisting a main stream Lions Club.

Lion John is pictured here delivering Lions cakes and puddings to the residents using his golf buggy as a “Christmas sleigh”.

Help Lions Clubs - More than just BBQs!

Mainstream Lions Clubs are requested to forward details of projects that they will need help. As our members travel, we would need good lead time to be able to be in your area to assist. Please forward details to the Secretary. Eg: A number of our members will be helping Boggabri Lions Club with their Drover's Campfire again this year.

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Some of our members have been engaged in the "Return & Earn"  and donated the money to our Admin account.

It is hoped that more members will participate in this scheme and we will be able to reduce some of our yearly membership fees.


Lion Warren is a man with a "fishing line" and likes to tell us of the "catch". Sometime he tells of the "one that got away".